Green Electricity
up to 70% cheaper*

We connect our customers’ solar to approved energy storage products and trade this energy through our artificial intelligent software and utility. This means we can pass the savings and earnings back to our customers, resulting in an electricity bill that’s up to 70% cheaper*.

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Social Energy in 60 Seconds

We are a Utility
Like No Other.

We don’t give all the money to the energy fat cats. Our energy network isn’t made up of big expensive power stations. Instead, it’s made up of our customers, their solar and their energy storage batteries - all wirelessly linked, creating a power station in the sky.

We Work with Leading Energy Storage Manufacturers.

We are the first Home Energy Trading solution to be fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.

We put the Power
in Your Hands.

Every social network and disruptive platform has an app - so do Social Energy. See your trades, track your savings and view your bill instantly.

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