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How we’re making sure our customers’ energy supply keeps running smoothly

This is Not A Concept.
This is A Reality.

Developed over 5 years by a board of entrepreneurs, who are already responsible for over £1 Billion of global trade.

Social Energy are revolutionising the $9.1 Trillion Energy industry, by empowering homes and businesses across the world to take back control of their energy supply.

Through our groundbreaking AI powered platform and energy storage, customers reduce their electricity bills by up to 70%* and gain access to 100% renewable energy, when they join the Social Energy Network.

The first battery providing domestic balancing services to National Grid

We are the first Home Energy Trading solution to be fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service.

We Make
Batteries Smart

We’ve made battery storage commercially viable for everybody on a global scale. We can switch any load at any time, to meet any requirement, anywhere. Controlling any asset to its maximum charge / discharge capacity.

The breakthrough in
energy control.

Our Virtual Power Plant is utilised within the dynamic grid services market to seamlessly balance the grid within a sub second response time whilst bringing savings to our customers in a simple and easy offering.