Our complaints performance

We’ve promised that we’ll always keep things clear and easy to understand. As hard as we try, from time to time things may go wrong. Putting our customers first is at the heart of what we do here.

We listen to our customers every time we speak to them and really want to understand how we can make things better, clearer or simpler. If you ever feel like giving us any tips we’d love to hear from you.

If you look around you’ll notice all suppliers have to publish information about complaints; it comes as part of the deal when you supply electricity and gas to customers. We think that’s a good thing and we’re pretty proud of how we’re doing; as a revolutionary company shaking up the way energy works in the UK we might get a couple of things wrong along the way but we work fast to figure out how to get it right next time. Here’s all the information you might want to know about how we handle complaints.

Quarter Q2 Apr – Jun 19 Q1 Jan – Mar 19
Complaints received 5 0
Complaints received per 10k Customers 44 0
Complaints resolved 5 0
Complaints resolved per 10k Customers 44 0
% Resolved by end of next working day 100% N/A
% Resolved within 8 weeks. 100% N/A


The top 3* reasons for complaints & what we’re doing:

  1. Billing and Meter Reading (40%)

We only bill customers for the energy they use so getting accurate meter readings is really important to us. We have improved our communications to customers, and we are working hard on making this process as smooth as possible.

The good news is that we have started our smart meter roll out which means we won’t have to worry about estimated readings.

  1. Service Experience (40%)

Our energy experts are always on hand to help and we want to get it right first time. We love asking our customers for feedback and take action to put things right. We are investing in developing our app, the website and our support channels to make our service experience as amazing as we can.

  1. Switching (20%)

Switching energy supplier isn’t always as straightforward as it could be. To avoid as many issues as possible we have robust supply checking software and our approved installers take pictures of the meters, so we are sure we are switching the right supply.

*We should be giving you the top 5 reasons, but we haven’t had that many complaints!